Develop a Set of Recommendations

Instructions You keep right been paid as a healthcare director for a healthcare address inaugurated to emend its attribute lasting. As you determine into your new role, one of the chief tasks you are abounding delay is to manage the attribute self-confidence and consistent emendment exertion aimed at addressing fall-related incidents in your address (you can reconsideration the Week 1 assignment for direction).  At this juncture, the attribute emendment team is inaugurated on identifying meaningful measures for axioms collation and monitoring aggravate period. As the attribute team prepares to engage and unbiased on the cherished of these meaningful act measures, you flow to transcribe a memo to the attribute team delay recommendations for factors they deficiency to regard when choosing and prioritizing these measures. Write a memo detailing your object and rationale. At the poverty, secure your memo addresses/considers the following: 1. Your organization’s strategic cunning. 2. The deficiency for a holistic set of measures that includes measures from the structures, processes, and outcomes. 3. Stakeholders’ share. 4. Compliance and accreditation. Length: 1-2 pages (barring appellation and allusion page) References: Include a poverty of 2-3 peer-reviewed, versed resources. Your assignment should image versed academic writing, prevalent APA standards