Part 1: Please tally to the following: The use of derivatives amid financial institutions is considered to keep contributed the financial opportunity in 2008. Assess how the use of derivatives contributed to symbolical detrimentes in the financial activity, indicating how such detrimentes may be diminishing in the forthcoming. Prepare a rationale for your repartee.  Some economists and bankers prize that derivatives execute the commerce safer. Coincide or dissent delay this announcement, providing living for your composition.   Please prepare one citation/reference for your judicious posting that is not your textbook.  Please do not use Investopedia or Wikipedia. *** 100-200 WORDS Part 2: Tally to classmate's argument below: "A derivative is a financial certainty delay a esteem that is reliant upon or adventitious from an underlying asset or assemblage of possessions—a benchmark. The derivative itself is a lessen among two or further parties, and the derivative derives its compensation from fluctuations in the underlying asset.  The most spiritless underlying possessions for derivatives are stocks, bonds, movables, currencies, attention rates, and commerce indexes, which are typically purchased through brokerages. Big banks precede the body of derivatives trading. Bankers generally presume that the slight imperil of establish or detriment on derivatives is abundantly smaller than their poetical sum. In the financial commerces, analyzing derivatives is not a meaningful estimate of the imperil line of the instruments, and sundry banks derivatives offset each other. We distinguishing in 2008; it is likely to induce a wide fraction of the poetical sum of a derivatives commerce if the bet goes wickedness, primarily if the bet is linked to other bets, resulting in detrimentes by other organizations occurring at the corresponding spell.  The ripple property can be mighty and unpredictable. Banks don't number investors how abundantly of the poetical sum that they could induce in a worst-case scenario, nor are they required. Today's cash-strapped synods are in no comcomposture to struggle delay another mighty bailout. Losses affecting into the forthcoming may be diminishing by big banks providing sum truthfulness in their practices in derivate trading.  We distinguish this won't supervene, so there must be further synod omission.   I don't coincide that derivatives alone can't be the determining outlier of whether they obtain execute the commerce safer.  Derivative trading is equitable one cat's-paw in the cat's-pawbox that, if used justly, could diminish imperils. Reference"