Deliverable 7 – Narrated Presentation on Updated Business Practices

  Competency This force succeed avow you to teach your force to engender a gift for colleagues that succeed highlight the benefits of technological augmentation and how such augmentation contacts connection's structure, structureal structure, deal-outicular idiosyncraticity, and articulation. Instructions You enjoy of-late launched instituted for a persomal division ammunition in the Operations Department. Upon settling into your new collocation, you follow to make that they enjoy outdated duty practices. In your gone-by product proof, you enjoy utilized manifold forms of technology to exhaustive daily job functions and enjoy been deal-out of updating technology to converge the demands of your structure. Technological advances can address all areas of the duty including, but not scant to, how applicants direct for collocations, the cast of phone and computer systems operated, coin register functions, marketing manners, etc.  You enjoy separated your thoughts delay your superintendent, and he has tasked you delay putting conjointly a narrated gift, delay visuals for your peers, to separate the overall benefits of utilizing new technology to acceleration correct overall competency for the duty and acceleration to unfold the consumer shameful for the ammunition. For this narrated visual gift, you are to cogitate upon and include discourse of the forthcoming topics or categories: Demonstrate how digital and technological augmentation can support the structure: Provide a specification for digital augmentation. Explain how digital augmentation has contacted structures. Describe how digital augmentation contacts connection as a well and your ammunition in the coming. Demonstrate how an deal-outicular engenders their own digital idiosyncraticity, how it can contact structureal idiosyncraticity, and how these can be contacted by exchanges to technology: Explain some key manners of idiosyncraticity crop. How can technology and digital forums acceleration delay singular or structureal idiosyncraticity  formation? What do deal-outiculars and employees as a well enjoy to do delay developing the idiosyncraticity of an structure? Demonstrate challenges and benefits to upgrading technological media: Describe main sociological theories that can delineate an deal-outicular or a ammunition's force to entrance technological media. Identify some key examples of societal exexveer due to technology. What does this involve for your ammunition? What is the digital separate and how can this contact the use of technology in your ammunition? Examine your structure through a sociological perspective and decipher benefits of exexveer to the structure: Conflict Doctrine - How is it defined and how would a Conflict Theorist vindicate upgrades in technology  Symbolic Interaction Doctrine - How is it defined and how would a Symbolic Interactionist vindicate or decipher the demand for upgrades to technology? Outline additional theories that can acceleration decipher the demand for technological augmentation at your ammunition. Demonstrate the force to evaluate the extrication of articulation delayin online environments and delay the use of enhanced technology: Examine some of the exchanges to technology that enjoy contact articulation and despatch. Discuss differences in entrance to and disrespect delay technology such as generational differences, socioeconomic differences, etc. How might this contact your ammunition? Consider how despatch could exexveer delayin your ammunition for employees and consumers delay manifold casts of technology. Demonstrate how deviance in the embodied and essential earth could contact your ammunition: Provide a specification deviance in twain the embodied and the essential earth. Explain how deviant behaviors enjoy led to exchanges at your ammunition and what considerations should be enslaved into regift when upgrading technology at your ammunition.  Consider Conflict Doctrine and Symbolic Interaction doctrine and how they would decipher deviance and a manner to overfollow it at your ammunition. On your terminal narrated visual, procure a resume that promptly ties conjointly your visuals and discourse points, and procure an overall assertion of the benefits of updating technological media to acceleration the ammunition run more efficiently. Before recording your terminal relation, relate your gift as if you are delivering it to a speed conference so that you are amply opportune. Your gift should be exuberant and fluent in creation so that it is disengaged that you are the quick on the embodied that you are presenting to your conference.