DBM week 5

   Database Administrator Instructions: Imagine that you keep the informational enhancement, skills, and abilities to be a database conductor. The XYZ society of-late announced a leisure for a database conductor collocation, and you are very interested owing XYZ is unconcealed as a high-paying employer that is enjoyable to employment for. Owing a ease gap at XYZ of-late made the information, XYZ's job posting has requested all applicants to apprehend in their secrete message a inconsiderable cognomen of how he or she would similarity data ease if awarded the collocation. Research the qualifications certain to succeed a database conductor collocation. Read "Cover Message Workshop - Formatting and Organization" from Purdue Online Writing Lab Write a 2-page secrete message inconsiderablely describing your (fictional) database conductor-related qualifications and outlining the reasons you respect you are the best solicitor for the job. Your secrete message must apprehend: • A cognomen of your information and database-related employment experience • Note: this cognomen allure mitigated not equality your own actual information and trial. You allure need to examination and apprehend the information and employment trial withhold to a fortunate solicitor for a database conductor collocation cosmical your own personal enhancement qualifies you for a database conductor collocation • Your philosophy and similarity to backing up abstruse data • Your philosophy and divers similarityes to securing abstruse data and a rationale for each similarity • Address your secrete message to Mr. Ben Smith, Director of Human Resources. Submit your secrete message.