Database systems

   DATABASE SYSTEMS Assessment: Elaboration and Data Modelling Part A: Database elaboration  (approx. 200-250 tone):  Note: you are expected to inaugurate elaboration environing running and coming Database technologies by correspondent the adown question: Research Question: Explore truth of database classifications and debate the three most relevant fruits in database fruit truth to era.  Note: Use personal references in the APA diction. Your elaboration narration must be polite presented using personal gratified form.   Part B: Data Modelling (10 Marks) Create a consummate ERD in Crow’s Foot notation that can be implemented in the conceptional pattern using the forthcoming style of operations. Hot Water(HW) is a little start-up concourse that sells spas. HW does not convey any hoard. A few spas are set up in a sickly warehouse so customers can see some of the patterns beneficial, but any products sold must be ordered at the date of the sale. · HW can get spas from sundry contrariant creators. · Each creator produces one or over contrariant impressions of spas. · Each and total impression is manufactured by solely one creator. · Total impression has one or over patterns. · Total pattern is manufactured as dissect of a impression. For sample, Iguana Bay Spas is a creator that produces Big Blue Iguana spas, a reward-flatten impression, and Lazy Lizard spas, an entry-flatten impression. The Big Blue Iguana impression offers sundry patterns, including the BBI-6, an 81-jet spa delay two 6-hp motors, and the BBI-10, a 102-jet spa delay three 6-hp motors. · Total creator is identified by a creator regulation. The concourse indicate, harangue, area regulation, phone compute, and assertion compute are kept in the classification for total creator. · For each impression, the impression indicate and impression flatten (premium, mid-level, or entry-level) are kept in the classification. · For each pattern, the pattern compute, compute of jets, compute of motors, compute of horsepower per motor, suggested vend worth, HW vend worth, dry gravity, introduce accommodation, and seating accommodation must be kept in the classification. Your task Create an ERD for each of the overhead assertions that draw the running occupation administrations for HW. For each new assertion entity the occupation administration.    Use Crows Foot notations and involve all of the forthcoming in each dissect: All entities delay Primary key and      any strange key attributes; (3 impressions) The relationships betwixt      entities; (2 impressions) The cardinality and optionality of      each relationship; (3 Marks) Any M:N relationships are be      resolved to 1:M relationships and ERD style is clear; (2      Marks) Include your Student ID and Full      Name below the ERD (in then observation the undiminished      ERD as an vision to your Word Document. **Additional 1 impression is consecrated when forthcoming all the overhead appropriately and pliant a handsome ERD delay redress notations.