Database Architectures

  Your form uses Microsoft® Excel® to conduct its schedule. The union is growing astride and has reached the purpose where an schedule postulatesbase is needed. Your form's postulatesbase needs apprehend the forthcoming: Multiple departments obtain demand admittance to the postulatesbase, including eCommerce, manufacturing, sales, and customer employment Employees obtain use the postulatesbase to: Enter postulates Reference postulates Use postulates to auto-populate new call and customer employment records Analyze postulates and fashion reports Recommend three of the forthcoming six postulatesbase structure types that would composition for your form: Hierarchical Network Relational Distributed Relational Object-Oriented Cloud Include the forthcoming in your instruction: Your top three recommended structures, in command, using the sum 1 as your best instruction Your rationale for recommending each structure The characteristics that mould each structure a top instruction The vulgar manner trends of these structures in the perseverance and how it fictitious your instruction for each Potential concerns or disadvantages of each structure Summary of reasons for not recommending the retaining three structures Citations for any graphics, images, video, or audio used Create your instruction as: A 3- to 4-page technical resume in Microsoft® Word