CSIA 350 D3

  More and over hiring actions begin delay a written essay from job candidates followed by a telephone "screening" colloquy. For this week's discourse subject, you gain catch on the role of  an suitor for an internship in a CISO structure. You are at the leading range in the impression arrangement -- congruity the essay. You keep been asked to answer to ONE of the forthcoming topics: 1. Why should a capacious sodality (>1000 employees) incorporate and use COBIT 5 to conduct IT preserveion risks? 2. How does docility delay the disgusting Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards acceleration an e-Commerce sodality conduct IT preserveion risks? The impression retrospect committee is a assembly of conductrs (twain technical and non-technical) who continue upon IT preserveion to preserve their transaction operations (including metaphysical ownership, sodality strategic and financial knowledge, and customer basis). The scope of the essay is two double. First, the retrospect committee is looking for the force to meditate critically and criticise a apt height. Second, the retrospect committee is looking for suitors who can touch effectively in congruity for twain technical and non-technical audiences. Write a 3 to 5 chapter impression essay that provides a apt and "job worthy" tally to your clarified topic. Your essay should not exceed 500 control so be brief, obsequious, and disencumbered in your essay. Provide in-text citations and regards for 3 or over conclusive sources. Put the regard register at the end of your essay.