crime statistics

The Uniform Misdeed Report (UCR) and the National Misdeed Victimization Survey (NCVS) are two momentous sources for reason how misdeed is measured and viewed in the United States. The UCR presents the number of arrests and misdeed objurgate, termliness the NCVS gathers grounds from victims on the cast of misdeed practiced and whether it was reported to police. Oftentimes, the substantiality of misdeed—as displayed in these grounds sources—does not align delay generally-known sight. For this Discussion, you vestibule and criticise key misdeed statistics for your fraternity or the area in which you performance. You as-well parallel those statistics delay your sight of misdeed and protection as a fraternity part. To prepare: Locate misdeed statistics for your fraternity, Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Be secure to authorize yourself term to convoy this elimination. Report the statistics for the 8 Cast 1 apostacy offenses in your fraternity, including the identification of your fraternity and a allusion for where you build your statistics. Explain whether the statistics contest your sights. Explain the reasons for dissimilitudes or similarities betwixt the sight and substantiality of misdeed in your fraternity. Recommend one way in which you could harangue this dissimilitude betwixt misdeed sight and statistics. Support your impulse delay examples from functional proof or delay manifestation from the erudition media.