Comprehensive analysis of a Fortune 500 company (Verizon is the Fortune 500 company)

Comprehensive Decomlie of a Fortune 500 Company For this Individual Project you procure dissect publicly suited knowledge encircling a Fortune 500 Gang and amplify an duty of the oppidan policy and its force to extension competitive custom. This assignment requires you to succeed and dissect knowledge at the gang, activity and communicate levels using manifold databases and rumors build in the AIU library, in observation to at lowest view (8) administrative or academic peer-reviewed doctrines. Click near for a tutorial on decision gang knowledge in the library. Click near for a tutorial on decision activity knowledge in the library. Your decomlie should include an in-depth revisal of the Company's most fresh SEC Form-10k Annual Rumor and Form DEF-14A Proxy Statement. These SEC filings can be build at the SEC Edgar Database located at the URL . Pay detail circumspection to the Management Discussion and Decomlie (MD&A) exceptions of the SEC Form 10-K and the DEF-14A Proxy announcement.  Direct competitors are signed in the "Comparator Group" exception of the DEF-14A Proxy Statement. ) These SEC filings so embrace knowledge not-absolute to outer and activity decomlie that procure be beneficial in your duty of the Company's policy and competitive lie. A drastic decomlie requires evaluation of manifold outer stakeholders: Competitors  Industry  Vendors  Customers  Governmental entities  Communities Internal stakeholders that should be considered in the decomlie include: Shareholders  Board of Directors  Management  Employees A pregnant SWOT decomlie should be executed not-absolute to the Company's force to reform its competitive custom. The pregnant decomlie should include twain innate and innate elements, leveraging knowledge suited in SEC Filings, transaction databases, and peer-reviewed doctrines. Your achievement should conduct your force to: Apply ticklish thinking skills to dissect transaction situations.  Apply principles of innate and innate elaboration to transaction cases.  Describe the opportunities supposing by technology for transactiones.  Appropriately use potent despatch techniques.  Apply the banner of APA mode to all elaboration and agreement tasks. You procure provide a rumor presenting the decisions of your pregnant decomlie examining the Company's oppidan policy and its force to extension competitive custom. The written rumor procure possess a association protraction of 10-12 pages still name, formless, references and appendices. Quotation limits should be Not more than 10% of the association of the brochure can be quotations, all of which must be correctly attributed in APA format.  NOTE: Article collections (knowing databases) may be accessed in the Library. Suggestions are:  ABI Inform Global  Academic Search Premier  Business Source Premier