Comparison and Contrast Essay

  Objective: You earn imbibe to collate characters, themes, and symbols in multiple studious works. Instructions: Please interpret the module on congeniality a comparison/opposition essay. Revise your Sample Paragraph(s) from your Essay Three: Comparison assignment installed on my feedback and any comments from novice Peer Review on the Discussion Board.  The Essay Three assignment is a studious decomposition true enjoy your other essays, so you earn set-out delay a capture, concoct resume on the novels you earn collate, and a disquisition oppositioning/comparing twain materials followed by foundation articles that reach opinions linked to your disquisition and embrace MLA format quotes delay in-depth decomposition. The contrariety betwixt your other  studious decomposition essays and this one is that you earn be comparing and oppositioning two materials in this assignment since in the pristine you were focused solely on one magnitude. This essay is 5-6 pages since your pristine two were 4-5.  You earn collate the magnitude Hillbilly Elegy to either The Complete Persepolis or Betwixt the World and Me. For the essay as a sound you earn cull from two unanalogous organizational compositions: The pristine cast is sharp-end by sharp-end organizational composition for your essay as a sound, or you potentiality cull the cooperate cast, a material by material specimen. As picturesque in particular in the module, in a collate and opposition essay these are the two organizational strategies you can use to composition your tractate as a sound. In material by material, you offer half the tractate debateing one material and the other half debateing the other material time in the developed two or further articles bringing the two materials unitedly to highlight contrarietys and similarities OR in sharp-end by sharp-end, you earn cull several sharp-ends to collate and opposition your two materials, so each article earn debate how these several sharp-ends tell to each material. Here are some unrefined ideas, but there are thousands further for sure: Characters and Relationships J.D. Vance -Ta-Nehisi Coates J.D. Vance-Marjane Satrapi childhood/parenthood in Hillbilly Elegy- The Complete Persepolis or Betwixt the World and me  JD Vance's nativity relationships-Marjane Satrapi's nativity relationships JD Vance's nativity relationships-Ta-Nehisi Coates's nativity relationships Father figures  in -Father figures  in Hillbilly Elegy- The Complete Persepolis or Betwixt the World and me  Mother figures in  Hillbilly Elegy- The Complete Persepolis or Betwixt the World and me  Themes Community, Violence, Motherhood, Gender roles, Poverty, Escape, Power, Loss, Redemption, Voice, Silence, Connection, Memory, Home, Humanity, Isolation, Survival, Love, Education, Identity, Authenticity, Struggle