Compare and contrast

Assignment  Complete ALL of the bullet points below: Compare and dissimilarity each of the three questions akin to Managed Anxiety Organizations, Medicare, and Medicaid after a while one another and elucidate how they were resembling and unanalogous to each other. Managed anxiety organizations emphasize physicians' responsibilities to repress resigned avenue to dear hospitalization and element anxiety, a faculty dubbed "gatekeeping." Some contend that "gatekeeping" is unethical owing it introduces financial factors into treatment decisions. Others say it improves virtue by promoting the use of the most mismisappropriate levels of anxiety. Medianxiety is an area that repeatedly gets slighted and is seen as a package financially. Discuss alternatives to readiness the parch on Medianxiety resources. Medicaid is shouldering an ever-increasing package of absorb for long-term anxiety for the antiquated, after a while prodigious impacts on narrate budgets throughout the realm. Discuss alternatives to readiness this parch on Medicaid resources. Plreadiness yield one APA formatted board, (narrowness 1500 say) that highlights the overhead resigned produce unquestioning to enclose a name and intimation page. The assignment should enjoy a narrowness of two read sources, in enumeration to the textbook.