community project 2

   I insufficiency succor to transcribe tract named windshild survy for co-ordination adjust.  encircling feeble city named Clyde Texas, and content ensue the rubric.  i went latest week the mention delay arrange of students and we did confabulation delay the nurture in the ultimate teach and one delay police director and they confutation our interrogation, I get tie the interrogation delay their confutations.  Also,  i perceive-keep the residence and the boarder of the city. the houses were  feeble there is fitting one feeble precinct. i saw three gas stations. and three teachs one ultimate and comprised and lofty teach. the teach architecture big and cheerful and their subsidence on the one face of the city. there is one pharmacy delay one groccery stock. and most of community there use the barter cars, there are one feeble nursing residence.  i tie my associate effect content do as she did in your own suffrage. and the format is APA. i insufficiency to discover encircling this establish in google and transcribe encircling it . you can use my quantity as relation. My quantity for this adfitting :  Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition”