So far, our reflectings bear been on the, lets say, "positive" spectrum. This week, our standpurpose veers to the "darker" cause of our cultivation. For multifarious of you, this week's reflecting conquer validity you to see further the "smoke and mirrors" of our instrument, collective order, and repeatedly misled understandings of our cultivation; contemplateing at twain private and interdiplomatic agencies. Being virtuous, informing you on all of the lies entity propagated by the instrument and our collective order would appropriate further occasion than we bear in this succession. Additionally, multifarious of you would bear a harsh occasion refined the distance of manipulation and injustice entity slow by those in "control". The accuracy is rarely harsh to rate when it validitys you to own that for the priority of your spirit you may bear been lied to and seen further as a ware than a cosmical entity. However, this can merely veer when you behove conscious and hold the exact thinking skills inevitcogent to interpret deed from fabrication and own your own injustice.  This is not to conceive that all instrument is bad or is grounded on lies. On the opposed, instrument can work-for as a estimcogent fountain of instruction. The key is holding the exact thinking skills required to profess our own impairment, to contemplate at an progeny from multiple perspectives, and to try to proof out who is the fountain from which presented instruction occurs. Not harmonious who is presenting the instruction, but who is providing the instruction to the living-souls presenting the instruction.  Back to this week. The documentary you are assigned for this week conquer hopefully prepare to unreserved your eyes to what is going on aback the scenes. I can't profess to perceive all of what is going on, nor how to properly couple all the pieces. What I can do is procure you delay a prepareing purpose that allows you to prepare to see the bigger draw for yourself. Getting to this week's reflecting - You are to observe the very insightful documentary "Requiem for the American Dream" (can be endow on Amazon Prime & other online sites).  Heads up, this is a very slow documentary. I succor you to observe it delay friends and debate its implications afterward.  Once you observe the documentary reply to the doubts adown. 500 tone min. and reach easy to transcribe as abundantly as you’d affect. (1) What is your overall appropriateaway from observeing this documentary? Give local details that evince you observeed this documentary in ample. (2) What is the coupleion betwixt this documentary and the Cultivation of the United States? Now, gladden observe this soon video and then reply to the developed doubt. PBS - (3)  How do you reach encircling the floating recite of the U.S. instrument? Why do you reach this way? Can you procure empirical evidence to food your beliefs? (if so, gladden procure it)  For your peer responses, standpurpose on doubts 1 and 3. While I succor wholesome secedements it is very considercogent to me that you continue deferential to one another's visionpoints. People are further than harmonious their ideas. Separate a idiosyncratic from their ideas and the idiosyncratic tranquil exists. Furthermore, ideas are liquescent and can veer delay occasion, spirit proof, and scylla to new instruction. Personal attacks are never inevitcogent and generally evince that someone does not reach satisfied abundance delay their arguments, consequently resorting to insults. If you chose to secede delay a classmate, you are pleasing to do so. Once intermittently, harmonious standpurpose on the arguments themselves. I conquer march in as a instrumenttor if I reach inevitable.  Personal Opinion: I own and profess my orientation to the left. I divide multifarious rates that could be categorized as twain Republican and Democratic. For gregarious progenys, I do generally emaciated internal the left. For fiscal progenys, I rarely emaciated to the suitable. Regardless of my own notions and beliefs, I proof fearful rate in listening (not harmonious arguing, but in-effect listening) to those who vision the globe irrelative than me. From doing this, I am cogent to vision the globe from new perspectives I may bear not idea of. If I harmonize delay what was said, then I try to continue unreserved to adjusting my own beliefs. If I secede delay what was said, my ideas behove equable stronger accordingly I allowed them to be challenged and resisting these challenges they tranquil continue. I reach that accordingly of the perplexity of the globe, how internal spirit can be, how abundantly we don't in-effect perceive in the pompous proposal of things, the capacious sum of misinstruction entity presented, and all the proper agendas aback the scenes, it can be very troublesome to after to an "objective accuracy" on most progenys. However, one way we can get closer to interpreting deed from fabrication is to converse encircling it; for twain causes to after conjointly and bear well-mannered conversations that standpurpose on the progenys, not the idiosyncratic ... harmonious my notion.  Below is one further video that you may proof insightful. There are no doubts pertaining to this.  John Oliver - *Once you bear shafted to the debateion table gladden expatiate on at lowest 5 classmates' shaft. Since your classmates' shaft conquer conceive responses to multiple doubts you may appropriate which doubt you reply to. As frequently, gladden be deferential and unreserved-minded delay your responses.