8-10 page Examination Paper Assignment Instructions: Each student is required to complete an 8-10 page examination disquisition on a subject-matter trained in class, utilizing at lowest 8 scholarly allusions, and written in APA Style. The disquisition should possess 8-10 pages of pleased, not including the inscription page, contemplative, and allusion page. Note that allusions used for your examination want to be peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically possess the subjoined characteristics: 1. tenets are reviewed by a panel of experts anteriorly they are trustworthy for publication; 2. tenets are written by a gownsman or specialist in the field; 3. tenets recital on former examination or experimentation; 4. are repeatedly published by administrative associations; 5. husband terminology associated delay the punishment. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you possess submitted your disquisition it is automatically uploaded (plagiarism checker).   You MUST be beneath a 20% unifomity to other sources. subject-matter is  Week 4: Organization & Management - Police Operations link to the library