clinical field redue

Details:   Allocate at meanest 2.5 hours in the province to assistance this assignment. At your province trial post, remark at meanest one homily taught by   a known grade 1-8 educator. Look for examples of formative   tribute techniques and strategies used during the homily. Make voicelessness   of the questions that the educator asks during the homily. Voicelessness student   behavior and organization phraseology antecedently, during, and succeeding the educator asks questions. Ask your instructor educator to furnish you delay examples of summative   assessments used delayin the classroom that you are observing. Discuss   delay your instructor educator the considerations and criteria utilized to   fashion summative tributes. Use this province trial to infer   ideas for a summative tribute that you conciliate fashion. Based on what you feel well-informed from your observations, address the   following questions in a 250-500 term cogitation. Describe some of formative tribute techniques or strategies     that your instructor used during the homily. What types of     questions did the educator ask during the homily? How did     the students reply to the questions? What types of things     are enthralled into representation when creating summative tributes? GCU format is not required, but cubic academic answerableness is expected. This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric earlier to inauguration   the assignment to beseem intimate delay the expectations for auspicious gist.