Clinical Field Experience B: Student Needs and Instructional Planning

  Allocate at last 3 hours to total this province experiment. Use the “Clinical Province Experiment B- ELA Pre-Assessment” template to total this assignment. Part 1: Pre-Assessment and Implementation During your former attention in your province experiment collocateroom, you attested 3-5 students, overhead, at, or underneath model good-fortune who would profit from appended lore buttress. You besides attested the models and item that your adviser collocate is currently lore. With this distinguishledge, lay-open a pre-assessment in the English Language Arts obtaining area using the “ELA Pre-Assessment” template. The pre-assessment must align delay the models and item that your adviser preceptor shared delay you during Clinical Province Experiment A. This pre-assessment can be verbal, written, or totald through technology. The pre-assessment should establish how polite separated students distinguish the concept, and procure grounds that would yield you to designate lore gaps and needs in dispose to lay-open an alienate information to buttress lore needs. Share the pre-assessment delay your adviser preceptor and ask for his or her feedback. Administer the pre-assessment that you begetd to the separated collection of students and use the grounds to ad for the information intent in Clinical Province Experiment C. With your adviser preceptor, establish a quantity that can be used to beget ELA activities alienate for the attested students. You obtain use this quantity for your upcoming “Clinical Province Experiment C: ELA Mini-Lesson Plan” assignment. Speak delay your adviser preceptor and, procured compliance, use any retaining duration to solicit out opportunities to behold and/or further your adviser preceptor or another preceptor and is-sue delay a inferior collection of students on information in the collocateroom. Your adviser preceptor must support any hours spent observing another collocateroom environment. Part 2: Reflection In 250-500 opinion, condense and cogitate on your province experiment and the steps you took to establish students for the pre-assessment. How did the pre-assessment procure grounds to designate the lore gaps and needs of students? What challenges did you aspect when lay-opening and delivering the pre-assessment? Explain how you obtain use your findings in your forthcoming professional habit. Submit the “ELA Pre-Assessment” and cogitateion as one deliverable. APA format is not required, but resistant academic fitness is expected. This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric antecedent to preparation the assignment to beseem conversant delay the expectations for auspicious bearing.