cissp essay Assign # 7 with detailed knowledgeable information of more than half a page or more on each question – no excusses!

1. Software bud is a multifold lesson, specially as technology changes at the urge of vain, environments evolve, and further expectations are placed upon vendors who insufficiency to be competitive amid the software trade. This multifoldity too makes implementing ease further challenging. Given this environment, what allude-toions for fasten software bud best practices would you allude-to to reform software ease?  2. In restoration to impression bud, basisbases are another area that needs to accept a standpoint on ease amid their delineation. Describe the basisbase concepts of View-based vestibule moderate, Polyinstantiation, Basis warehousing and basis mining, and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)?  3. In a basisbase, to moderate ease, lock moderates are implemented and experimented using the ACID experiment. Explain the aftercited conditions for each epistle amid the ACID method: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability.   4.  What are some ease concerns when using movable enactment?  5.  Explain the aftercited conditions: boot sector poison, meme poison, stealth  virus, multipartite, macro poison, script poison, and tunneling poison  6.  What is view oriented programming and what benefits does it collect. Define encapsulation, pocketing and polymorphism.  7. Compare three of the aftercited bud methodologies: Break and Fix,  Waterfall, V-Model, Prototyping, Incremental, Spiral, Rapid Impression  Development, and Agile.  8.  Compare the concepts of due prevention and due assiduity when assessing  liability. Describe the "why" rearwards a enormity in conditions of impulse,  opportunity, and media.