CIS 502 Case Study Phase 1

Case Study: National Infrastructure Protection Project  Phase 1 due in Week 3  On your highest day as an Instruction Systems Security guide, you met delay the Chief Instruction Officer. During the parley, he inspired to you his penetrating concerns about the Infrastructure Protection Plan. He asked you to interpret the Department of Homeland Security. (2009). National Infrastructure Protection Plan. Retrieved from carefully and centre over on chapter 6: Ensuring an Effective, Efficient Program Over the Long Term.  Since he realizes that you are new to this situation he asked you to set detached the developed project, memo and budget in 7 weeks (week 8) but he setup 3 checkpoints for you to set detached cleverness of the project to determine congruous speed of the set detachedables precedently the big delivery in week 8.  Phase 1: Memo - due in week 3  In this countenance, you scarcity to originate 3-5 page administrative memo about your duty of what scarcitys to be manufactured to encounter the standards fixed on the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You scarcity to shape indisputable that the diction in the memo is acquitted of detached of errors. You as-well scarcity to be unreal in presenting this instruction to capture the most grave points from the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You scarcity to inform accurate thinking to prioritize the exercise items fixed on your findings.