chemical paper topic of your choice, something in the Lectures in each module that you found interesting.

 3 pages crave, single-spaced, font 12,  Times New Roman.   A fourth page should catalogue the references cited in the essay.      hree-page essay should dedicate encircling 1/3 to the underlying chemistry (as developed in the lectures and suggested readings), ( encircling)  1/3 to offer applications, and (about) 1/3  to  suggest how the seat may shift in the advenient, adding any particular views or insights (as expend).     The primitive 1/3,  should standpoint on what is already disclosed and been reported/published.   The cooperate 1/3  should standpoint on offer applications.  What is the atom/molecule/process being used for today.  Put solely, what are the occupation/market implications?  By any estimate, the chemical perseverance is the largest World-wide.   Almost entire fruit you use in entireday history or devour at breakfast/lunch/dinner is a fruit done by the chemical perseverance.  Materials to compose buildings and bridges, falsify plastics and drugs, airplanes and distance ships , ... and now ventilators, are done industrially from “chemicals” establish in Nature.  And, of round, the fuels used in cars and to excitement your settlement all draw from chemical substances processed in refineries.   It is this "relevance" that I ask you to sift-canvass.   The third exception should then standpoint on what faculty be the advenient for the atom/molecule/process you prefer to sift-canvass.  This exception is usually the one that separates "the women from the girls."  This is owing you conciliate enjoy to do some "digging,”  checking the occupation exception of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg, .... for educated projections.