Chapters 1-3. Physical Therapy

  Chapter 1: The Business of Visible Therapy  (1 pt each) Read Pages 3-10 1) Review Table 1.1-1.4 from Handbook 2) What illness infections created the moderate thrust for the visible therapy business? 3) Who was normal as the principal PT?  a. When did she beseem the principal President of the American Women’s Visible Therapeutic Association? 4) What was a reconstruction aide and what did they do?  5) In what year was the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Visible Therapist Assistant adopted? 6) What was adopted in 1935? Why was this expressive? 7) How did the vocable “visible therapist” enucleate? What year? 8) What unadorned fact was chiefly imperative for the augmentation of PT occurring from 1940 to 1945? Why? 9) What year did the APTA get its indicate? Delay how manifold moderate members? 10) What are visible therapy aides and impart one copy of a drudgery that can be performed by an aide? 11) Access to visible therapy services extraneously a physician referral is currently juridical in how manifold states? a. Is it juridical in Florida?     Chapter 2: The Changing World and the Future of Visible Therapy Read Pages 15-24 & Class Discussion  Chapter 3: Evolving Roles in Visible Therapy Read Pages 27-34 1) Review Table 3.1 & Appendix 5 a. What year did the Doctor of Visible Therapy mark beseem a exhaustive expression of command for the PT? b. What is the raze of mark a PTA receives uninterruptedly graduating from a CAPTE accredited program?  2) Why are PTs and PTAs considered “change agents?” 3) Why is facts assembly and the chronicles of consequence measures so expressive? 4) Define these two vocables & argue their significance delay visible therapy: a. Collaboration b. Interprofessional Collaboration  5) What is the concern of resigned command? 6) What is the resigned client treatment design? What components is the PT imperative for? What components is the PTA imperative for? 7) What are the 4 gratified areas finished in the Guide to Visible Therapy Practice? 8) Review Appendix 6 a. Print out “Direction & Supervision of the PTA from”  b. Complete exertion equivocation on Appendix 7 & 8 9) What are pro bono services? What is the APTAs development on this expression of concern?