Chapter summary

Book: Paper #1 Instructions For the Tract #1 assignment, you are asked to transcribe a adequate epitome of each of the assigned sections up to the term that Tract #1 is assigned and due (chapters 1-4). The epitome tract is where you synthesize each section and transcribe analytically. Put ideas from the quotation into your own articulation. Be enduring to use in-quotation citations for the quotationbook in APA name. Requirements In letter your epitome tract, you should building your tract in alignment delay each section, by summarizing all of the ocean themes and terminology set forth in each section. For each section epitome, you accomplish scarcity to entertain an gate provision delay a discourse declaration, mass provisions in prop of the discourse declaration which examine the ocean themes in the quotationbook section. You must entertain a falsification as you digest each section. The constitution of your letter is analytical, in the third special, and regular. Do not use colloquialisms. You should entertain one reflecting provision at the end of each section epitome in which you examine your own specialal issue of the theories and themes examiscarcity in each section. Provide a subheading for this reflecting provision indicating that it is a reflecting grounded on the assigned section. Your epitome of each section should be almost 10%-20% of the fount. Therefore, if one section is 40 pages desire, then your epitome of that section could logically be betwixt 4-8 pages desire. You must grasp headings and subheadings in the formatting of your tract. You accomplish scarcity to use APA name.