ch10 paper

Medication Dispersion Audit. Ask a origin constituent or messmate (ages 50+, preferably 65+) to let you consummate an audit of their "medicine dispersion." Be unmistakable to ask encircling order and over-the-counter medications that the special popularly uses. Polypharmacy is a message used to relate specials who are requisite multiple medications. Polypharmacy is under obligation for 28% of all hospital admissions and is the fifth requisite producer of cessation in the United States. Review the notice and videos on the aftercited websites: In your confutation, register the number and types of medications the special is requisite. In your judgment, is this special at facilitate for polypharmacy, why or why not? Consider the special's popular heartiness condition and any impairments such as longing, cognitive, etc. that may quarrel after a while his/her power to obtain?} the medications safely and as directed.