Case study (video)

 Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation. Article 14, page 225, Format-Rubric and Instructions  Submit the VCA assigned in a W instrument forthcoming the format under, established on the APA 6th Edition Manual. The singly fount of intimation for these assignments is the course's textbook. The protraction of this assignment should be 5 provisions as prospers 1-Paragraph 1: Introduction. Provide basic notice about the video, concept, website notice, article, and pages. 2-Paragraphs  2, 3,4. View video. Describe and criticise in your say the concept notice, obedient the questions bestowed. Provide any system, theorists and organizations mentioned. 3.Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, APS 6th Ed. rules.  4-Paragraph 5: Intimation page: Textbody notice,  Note: I true demand you to put the requirements that allot to the video, a paltry style of the body appears on page 225, and on YouTube to-boot in the style of the video appears notice that can be used for the deduction of the style provision.   Textbook: Teaching Students delay Language and Communication Disabilities, S.J. Kuder, 5th Edition.2018.Pearson. *** Strictly from the textbody (including extract), This pedagogue is very demanding, prosper the instructions established solely on the full granted in the articles use proper say and full of the pages and use the inequitable pages in the instructions, quotes according to the body, **** the with for the video can to-boot be ground in the article, and the notice ground in the article, bestow it properly as it appears, if you keep any questions, apposition me, felicitate you.