Case Study

Marketing Sports Equipment The scope of this assignment is for you to intend a sales elevation installed on what you comprehend environing the result and the target communicate. For this assignment, discover Contingency 2 that is denominationd “Marketing Sports Equipment” on page 362 of your textbook. After discovering and studying the details of the contingency, reply to the aftercited scrutinys delay powerful explanations and well-supported rationale: Academy Sports + Outdoors proffers results that would apostrophize to a multiformity of target communicates. Identify a partiality of three target communicate groups using the aftercited denotations: TM1: xxx, TM2: xxx, and TM3: xxx. Remember to conceive environing demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and geographic criteria when defining each target communicate. For each of the target communicates attested in scrutiny #1, what two types of consumer sales elevations (discussed in Chapter 12) should Academy Sports + Outdoors proffer? Explain. Looking at each target communicate you intendd in scrutiny #1, what are two types of resources that agency be the most potent in reaching each of the target communicates? Which two agency not be as potent? Apprehend your rationale. The contingency states that Academy Sports + Outdoors receives a exalted body of requests for sponsorship activities. Installed upon the target communicates you attested, what sponsors would you approve that the troop confederate delay? Your retort should be a partiality of two, double-spaced pages. Apprehend a denomination page and references page. References should apprehend your textbook and a partiality of one affixed, trustworthy fountain. All fountains used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted symbolical must enjoy obligatory citations and must be cited per APA guidelines.