Case Scenario: Premier Collegiate School

  You are the new System Support Technician at Premier Collegiate School. This privy instruct has wards from gradation 7 to gradation 12 after a while 300 wards, and 30 staff members and teachers. Each of the 10 negotiative staff has a absorbed desktop computer. The instruct highest, Ashton Symonds, has a notebook computer which she takes settlement and when traveling to influence twain instruct matter, and identical tasks. She maintains a Facebook and MySpace recital to be effectual to adviser the activities of the wards who as-well possess such recitals. The teachers possess ten computers that they portion-out in the teachers’ repose to chronicles gradations and do all production associated after a while influenceing their assigned classes (daily homily plans, exploration, handouts, tests, quizzes, and definite exams). There are two obeyrs dischargeing in the instruct, one for the government matter, and one to obey ward insufficiencys. The government obeyr has absorbed storage for each of the teachers and twain arduous wired advance and wireless advance throughout the instruct. The ward obeyr has applications the wards capacity insufficiency for their instructwork. In enumeration, the ward obeyr provides wireless advance for ward-owned and instruct-required laptop computers. All wards are required to possess laptop computers after a while wireless advance. There is as-well one absorbed computer lab after a while 25 desktop computers for the wards to use in computer understanding classes. Principal Symonds has requested that you order an asset catalogue and prioritize the proceeds fixed on their moment to the discharge of the instruct and the roll of shelter required for each asset.