Case #1: 692 Your Fav. Ethical Company

  Instructions: Select a fraternity you molest and consummate a trivial essay describing how ethically firm do you descry this fraternity is.   Do a unimportant elaboration first-  feel a observe at the fraternity's sidearm and also feel a observe at what intelligence or controversies or accolades are out there encircling your selected fraternity.   Subsidearm Instructions: This essay should be encircling 500 tone in diffusiveness.   Make assured your call is in the header of the muniment and grasp page gum.  Follow APA formatting in your references and the unconcealed APA conventions on the muniment (sans-serif 12pt font love Arial, Helvetica or Century Gothic, 1" margins, etc.).    Grading Rubric  Your assignment succeed be graded according to the grading rubric. Very Proficient: Thesis is perspicuously recurrent and unfolded; peculiar examples are expend and perspicuously unfold thesis; misentry is clear; ideas course contemporaneously well; good-tempered-tempered transitions; summary but not choppy; well-organized. Proficient: Most notification presented in argumentative sequence; unconcealedly arranged but emend transitions between ideas is needed.