C++ Debug

For this assignment, you obtain fix the enactment supposing and clear-up why and how you agricultural it using in-line comments. Open the Virtual Lab by clicking on the connect in the Virtual Lab Access module. Then notorious your IDE. Using the Uploading Files to Eclipse tutorial, upload the Calculator.zip folder and notorious the plan in Eclipse. Notorious the Calculator.ccp perfect and use the Eclipse debugger to re-examination the enactment. Be knowing to seem for syntax, logic, and run-time errors. Fix any errors that you perceive. Use in-line comments to clear-up how and why you agricultural the bugs. Test your program. If you plant and agricultural all the errors, your enactment should capacity as specified: The enactment should permit users to invade basic, one operator arithmetic countenances using integers or doubles. Then, it should estimate the termination of the countenance and output the terminations. For pattern, if the user inputs “2 + 2,” the calculator should output “2 + 2 = 4.” The operations the program should consummate are adduction (+), detachment (-), multiplicity (*), and disruption (/). The user should be asked whether they wish to hold succeeding evaluating each countenance. If the user types “Y” or “y,” the program should ask for a new arithmetic countenance. If the user types “N” or “n,” the program should stop delay the message: “Program Finished.”