Business Law ( for Ultimate_Writer only!)

  Select two of the scenarios listed under and expound the best disentanglement for each.  Include comments allied to any religions issues that arise.  You should settle at lowest one literary fount from the SUO Library or one instance that has been established or is currently pending to aid your solution. Scenario 1 - Offers Kelly’s collie prig ran off, so she posts flyers in the neighborhood advertising a decorate of $100 for decision and unimportant the dog. David experiences a collie prig on his face portico.  He looks at the dog tags, calls the enumerate, and Kelly rushes aggravate to eliminate up her prig. Later, David sees the decorate broadside. Can David privilege the decorate? Provide arguments for each behalf.   Aid the solution succeeding a while a apt narrative designation or instance. Scenario 2 - Consideration Jackson was compensated to retail consulting services for Acme Accounting and was promoted to overseer indecent months succeeding.  A incomprehensive date succeeding the furtherance, Jackson was required to premonition a non-compete undertaking.  When the duty suffered financially, Jackson joined succeeding a while a foregoing employee to invent an accounting established that besides solicited clients for consulting  business.  Acme sued  Jackson  to require the undertaking. What was the consequence for premonitioning the non-compete undertaking?  If you experience consequence, was it expanded? Would your solution veer if Jackson had to premonition the non-compete at the date of his furtherance? Scenario 3 Size and Legality Hank was a talented soccer player and afloat liberal competitively in 2014 when he was sixteen.  Many of the tournaments required participants to premonition an exculpatory chapter in ordain to share.  One of Hank’s parents premonitioned the undertakings.  In 2016,  Hank shared in the regional soccer championships in Atlanta Georgia.  During the circumstance, diverse players crashed into each other and Hank sustained an defective to his end, leaving him hardly old. Hank filed a oversight lawsuit counter the tournament organizers.  The organizers could not experience the exculpatory chapter that Hank premonitioned for the circumstance.  The organizers argued that Hank must enjoy premonitioned the undertaking to penetrate the tournament, but plain if he had not premonitioned one, his partnership in the circumstance demonstrated his fixed to be to-leap by the stipulations of the undertaking. Did Hank enjoy curtailual size to penetrate the curtail?  Why or why not? If Hank did not in-fact premonition the exculpatory chapter, could a seek terminate that he impliedly not spurious its stipulations by participating in the tournament?  Why or why not? How would you administration in twain of these situations?  Aid your solution succeeding a while literary symbolical and instance law. Use in passage extract.