Business Intelligence: Upload Assignment: Week 1 Assignment

Complete the subjoined assignment in one MS account document: Chapter 1 –discourse question #1 & exercise 15 (condition to one page of decomposition for question 15) Chapter 2 – discourse question #1 & exercises 4, 5, and 15(condition to one page of decomposition for question 15) When submitting product, be permanent to enclose an APA conceal page and enclose at meanest two APA formatted references (and APA in-extract citations) to assistance the product this week. All product must be primary (not copied from any fount). Week 1 Overview This week, we procure conceal instruction in passage 1 and 2 in the extract.  The key topics that we conceal in passage one are a basic overview of trade knowledge, analytics, grounds information, and deceptive knowledge.  In passage two we rendezvous on the concepts, drivers, greater technologies, and trade applications in the Deceptive Knowledge illimitableness.   Please don't pretermit to total the readings previous to answering the discourse questions this week. Objectives By the end of this week, you should be effectual to: Understand the need for computerized assistance of managerial determination making. Understand the outgrowth of systems for providing determination-making assistance. Recognize the extrication of such computerized assistance to the exoteric specify of analytics/grounds information and deceptive knowledge. Describe the greater AI technologies and some derivatives. Discuss the form in which AI assistances determination making. Read Passage 1 and Passage 2 in  Analytics, Grounds Information & Deceptive Intelligence    Review  Passage 1 and Passage 2  handouts  Watch Passage 1  and  Chapter 2  Videos Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Video: Chapter 1: Video: