Business Assignment

Week 1 Assignment PLEASE NOTE: MUST BE 100% ORIGINAL WORK, NEVER SOLD BEFORE! PLAGIARISM WILL BE DISPUTED! Please hinder for plagiarism precedently sending: Question 1 The forthcoming instruction in-reference-to the ten richest Americans was reputed in a late result of Forbes. How manifold elements are in the aloft grounds set? How manifold variables are in this grounds set? How manifold observations are in this grounds set? Which variables are distinct and which are leading? Question 2 A scantling of the ages of 10 employees of a union is shown underneath. 20 30 40 30 50 30 20 30 20 40 Using a arrangement of your choosing, erect a dot concoct for the aloft grounds. Question 3 The forthcoming grounds shows the expense of PAO, Inc. accumulation aggravate the last eight months. Develop a strew diagram and describe a bend cord through the points. What husk of correlativeness exists betwixt accumulation expense and era (negative, real, or no connection)?