Bsu Coin

The capstone design requires you to authenticate different abandon influence techniques for the seven inclosures of IT infrastructure and direct them to the preoption of an Ethereum-domiciled Blockchain implementation determined BSU Coin.  BSU Coin uses Smart Contracts to engender "tokens" that indicate campus organizations/clubs, events, internships, possession, awards, activities, and scholarships.  You are tasked delay authenticateing the IT infrastructure to stay a common and globally barefaced BSU Coin Blockchain.  As an IS professional, you deficiency to authenticate threat/vulnerability pairs and believe the manifestatlon of their incident.  You must career which abandon influence (control) techniques are alienate to wield these abandons.  You obtain deficiency to specifically highlight the abandons associated delay a Blockchain barefaced to the common - scholars, boon, staff, employers, and key stakeholders. You obtain be required to engender a endowment to senior influence so they can allocate instrument to make-ready for and rejoin to the signed threats and vulnerabilities alienately.   Scenario BSU is an MIS powerhouse in Blockchain and they are looking to leverage the capabilities for Dr. Breaux's Race to Excellence - Scholar Success, Academic Excellence, and Long-term Viability.  Check, Check, and Check for Blockchain... but how?  The disintegration, BSU Coin!   BSU Coin is an inducement Ethereum-domiciled Blockchain disintegration that encourages scholars to muster BSU Coins and BSU Coin-domiciled tokens to demonstrate the solution, profoundness, desire, and trial for a scholar in their inclosure.   Students obtain be assigned a "wallet" for their BSU coins and obtain solicit out ways to nursery coins.  Employers obtain use the BSU Blockchain explorer to authenticate undeveloped candidates domiciled on the geting of their wallets.  Anyone can avenue the BSU Coin Blockchain.  Only users delay BSU Coins can engender BSU Coin-domiciled tokens.  Anyone can assemblage a BSU Coin node.   Tasks You obtain deficiency to engender the erection for the BSU Coin network.  You obtain deficiency to bear your infrastructure reviewed by the confessor preceding to resignation.  Once you bear signed the IT infrastructure (investigate the seven inclosures of a natural IT infrastructure), you obtain authenticate 20 undeveloped threats/vulnerabilities as a way to oppose concerns encircling implementing the order campus-wide.  Investigate the manifestatlon of each threat/risk.  Assume the role of counsellor as separate of the IT advisory table to influence a drastic abandon influence impost. Develop a Network Diagram ( of BSU Coin highlighting the seven IT inclosures (20 pts) Using the Network Diagram as a floating avow, highlight undeveloped onslaught vectors (10 vectors)(  (20 pts) Identify 20 undeveloped threats/vulnerabilities (20 points) Determine which of the six abandon influence techniques is alienate for each abandon explained over.  (20 pts) Justify your forced for each clarified influence technique (40 pts) Prepare a communication using the APA format to stay your findings and perspective for senior influence incorporating all of the required materials for steps 1-5.  You obtain deficiency to cover these items in a stayive fact.  (50 pts) The communication should be of an subjoined 2 pages (12-point Arial font, 1.5 continuity spacing) to stay your findings. Prepare a 15-slide endowment to digest your findings (30 pts) Include a public-way map, high-level resume, Gantt chart, and pertinent staying material Techniques for Abandon Curb - ISACA - Abandon Influence for IT Projects -