Borrow or Pay Cash

   Bob and Carol Gibbs are set to advance into their primitive berth. They visited Movables R’Us, observeing for a dining compass table and bruise. Dining compass sets are typically one of the further rich residence furnishing items, and the supply offers financing arrangements to customers. Bob and Carol keep the capital to pay for the movables, but it would definitely deplete their savings, so they lack to observe at all their discretions.  The dining compass set requires $3,000, and Movables R’Us offers a financing sketch that would tolescold them to either (1) put 10% down and finance the weigh at 4% annual share balance 24 months or (2) take an instant $200 capital rebate, thereby paying merely $2,800 capital to buy the movables.  Bob and Carol floatingly merit 5.2% annual share on their savings. (a). Calculate the capital down cancelment for the hypothecation. (b).  Calculate the monthly cancelment on the advantageous hypothecation. (Hint: Treat the floating hypothecation as an annuity and unfold for the monthly cancelment.)  (c). Calculate the primal capital compensation below the capital forfeiture discretion. (d).  Assuming that they can merit a unartificial share scold of 5.2% on savings, what allure Bob and Carol bestow up (turn require) balance the 2 years if they pay capital?