Body Paragraphs

 See attached The point of the Week 3 Whole Paragraphs assignment is to build three whole sections for the Final Essay, due in Week 5. Review pedagogue feedback from your earlier week's assignment, paying restricted vigilance to the feedback in-reference-to your subject proposition and subject dooms. Review this week's tutorials on punctuation and phraseology in the Phraseology Tutorials and Quizzes Learning Activity to prevent you delay the exercise of becoming punctuation and phraseology in your whole sections.  Review the Body Paragraphs Sample Assignment to grant you an fancy of the expectations for this assignment. Complete the Whole Paragraphs assignment, using the Whole Paragraphs Template. .This assignment should be at lowest 350 suffrage. .Fill out the denomination page of the template. .Write your subject proposition at the top of the prevent page in the template. Remember that the subject proposition presents the ocean fancys that gain be discussed in the whole sections. .Write at lowest one section for each of the three sustaining points of your subject proposition.  *Each section should start delay a subject doom, conceive another 5 to 8 sustaining dooms delay details, and end delay a hindmost doom that leads the reader to the present ocean fancy and section. *Double interval the whole sections and use Times New Roman 12-point font. .Add your two scholarly time sources to the allusion page at the end of the article. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to aid you build the allusion page for this assignment. You may also confer the notification you entered in your Organizing Ideas Worksheet from Week 2.  You do not need to conceive the preface and omission sections this week, as you gain be launched on those present week. Upload your completed Whole Paragraphs Template to WritePoint® powered by Grammarly®, and critique and adduce the recommended revisions.