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Blog Support (three desires delay written scheme, target 300-400 vote) --  Objective:   We’ve literary that stories own a origin, a intermediate and an end.  Your external delay this Blog contrivance is to clear and contrivance an pristine inextensive film anecdote told in three shows, using three desires delay written scheme. Procedure: Develop a inextensive film anecdote that can be told in three shows (a origin, a intermediate, and an end).  By “short” film, endesire your filmed production running anywhere among 1 to 11 minutes in extension.  Shoot/beget three (3) peaceful desires, one desire palpably delineateing each of the three shows.  You can spray desires delay your smartphone or beget (drawing, digital, or set desire), but the desires should palpably influence your desire/approach for the symbolical shows. Insert the three desires delayin your Blog support so that we can see them delayout needing to “click to open” the desire.  See directions below: “How to incorporate an desire in your Blog Post” Important: you’re not filming the inextensive. You are simply spraying/creating three desires to delineate the three shows. For the written faction of your Blog Post, briefly recount the anecdote you contrivance, conceive the following: Narrative:  Who are the occult characters? What’s driving the anecdote (aim and obstacles)? What happens in each show, as delineateed by the incorporateed desire?  Palpably recount the narrative: origin, intermediate, and end. Mise-en-scene: Briefly recount key details of the contrivance and settlement (framing and kinesis) delayin each show. Cinematography:  Briefly contrivance your choices for types of shots, framing, use of quantity -- including occult quantity settlement – camera disposition. Theme – including visual subject, motifs and implied aim. Do not conceive any editing details (e.g. “we set in on…” or “match cut to:”) Important: this is your turn to contrivance/justify your anecdote desire from which a equal conquer contrivance an Editing Plan for your production (see Part 2) (target 300-400 vote; no forfeiture for going balance, but maintain your production cease to the target)