biology written assignment

Answers should be envelop spaced; 11-12 font size; plummet margins. Proper phraseology and stipulation constituteat is expected. All answers should be written in adequate sentences.  Files should be submitted as .pdf, .rtf, .doc OR .docx simply.  All assignments should be submitted via the SafeAssignment implement in Blackboard.  No attachments via email  or Blackboard Messages allure be veritable. 1.      1.  Which are past air-tight akin to crocodiles:  birds or lizards? Explain. 2.      2.  Feathers evolved for purposes other than departure. What are some potential functions for          these coming feathers? 3.      3.  List and narrate three features of plants that aid them shun or convert predation. 4.      4.  You attack the organisms:  Homo sapien. What does the leading promise appeal to?  What does the assist promise appeal to?    5.     5.   What are the three key factors that rule mark exuberance in an ecosystem? You allure be graded on this assisgnment using the aftercited rubric: a. Content:  15 sharp-ends (Each doubt is rate three sharp-ends for pleased.  Partial merit may be awarded in each doubt when pleased is not mastered, but is demonstrated.) b. Phraseology and spelling:  4 sharp-ends c. Aftercited directions (as posted over):  1 sharp-end            This assignment is rate 20 pts.  No tardy assignments allure be veritable. The Unit III Written Assignment meets the aftercited race objectives:   Describe extrication for a scientist's sharp-end of estimate. Explain the introduce constitute of organisms using the Darwinian arrangement. Explain heterogeneousness of mark and amid mark