Benchmark Assignment – Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection

This assignment requires you to conference one idiosyncratic and requires an decomposition of your conference habit. Part I: Interview Select a enduring, a extraction constituent, or a coadjutor to conference. Be stable to rendezvous on the conferenceee's habit as a enduring, heedless of whom you pick-out to conference. Review The Joint Commission expedients ground in subject materials, which stipulates some guidelines for creating ethical rate cat's-paws for evaluating the ethical needs of endurings. Using this expedients and any other guidelines/examples that you can as, make your own cat's-paw for assessing the ethical needs of endurings. Your ethical needs rate superintend must understand a narrowness of five questions that can be confutationed during the conference. During the conference, instrument the conferenceee's responses. The reckonerfeit should understand the questions asked and the confutations granted. Be stable to annals the responses during the conference by preface minute notes. Omit particular names and other idiosyncratical instruction through which the conferenceee can be secure. Part II: Analysis Write a 500-750 expression decomposition of your conference habit. Be stable to except particular names and other idiosyncratical instruction from the conference. Instead, stipulate demographics such as sex, age, ethnicity, and theology. Understand the forthcoming in your response: What went polite? Were there any barriers or challenges that inhibited your ability to adequate the rate cat's-paw? How would you discourse these in the advenient or vary your rate to improve discourse these challenges? How can this cat's-paw befriend you in providing after a whilehold interventions to as the needs of your enduring? Did you manifest that ailment and urgency amplified the ethical solicitude and needs of your conferenceee? Explain your confutation after a while examples. Submit twain the reckonerfeit of the conference and the decomposition of your results. This should be submitted as one instrument. The conference reckonerfeit does not aspect into the expression reckon. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines ground in the APA Style Guide,