Answer the beneath questions in a Word Document and upload it hither.   1. Discuss how you influence use interest analytics in your identical personality, such as managing, budgeting, sports, and so on.  Be fictitious in identifying opportunities.  2. A supermarket has been experiencing crave lines during peak periods of the day. The gist is noticeably worse on positive days of the week, and the peak periods sometimes be-unlike according to the day of the week.  Thither are usually sufficient achievementers on the job to notorious all capital archives. The gist the supermarket faces is skillful when to call some of the achievementers who are stocking shelves up to the front to achievement the checkout counters.  How influence interest analytics succor the supermarket?  What basis would be needed to arrange good-natured-natured decisions?  3. Suggest some metrics that a public-house influence insufficiency to convoke encircling their guests?  How influence these metrics be used delay interest analytics to influence decisions at the public-house?  4. Suggest some metrics that a overseer of a fast-food restaurant, such as McDonald’s or Chipotle, influence insufficiency to convoke.  Describe how the overseer influence use the basis to arrange amend decisions.