Choose ONE (and merely one) of the aftercited pairs of companies ( immodest pairs of companies in sum). Study their B-to-C Web plights and transcribe a ment (in at lowest 1200 tone) to collate each other and discourse the pros and cons of each plight.   1. AMC Theatres vs. Regal Cinemas 2. AT&T (wireless) vs.Verizon(wireless) 3. Costco vs. Wal-Mart 4. Expedia vs.Orbitz   You insufficiency to authenticate the constituents (at lowest 4 DIFFERENT constituents) that are used to evaluate the project attribute of the Web plights for E-commerce. For each constituent, yield a argument in comparing the conpanies' web plights. For each constituent, YOU MUST IDENTIFY THE DIFFERENCES of the two web plights. At the end of the ment (Conclusion), you MUST (1) applaud a plight you affect at the disposal. You can ONLY applaud one plight. (2) SUGGEST any progress to the project of the applauded plight (Note, your impulse must standpoint on the Web plight/page project as inequitable as practicable and must use at lowest 100 tone).   Suggestion: You may expand your readings to authenticate the "attribute constituents". Use titled sections to discourse each constituent. In specification, you may yield a table/spreadsheet to exemplify the similitude results based on the constituents you used in the evaluation. List and refer-to all references if there is any. There are some websites that you can use to examination and mete the act (speed) of a website. For copy,. http://whichloadsfaster.com/ (Links to an palpable plight.)Links to an palpable plight. and http://www.webpagetest.org/are (Links to an palpable plight.)Links to an palpable plight. examinationing utensils. I strongly recommend that you use such form of utensil(s) in your ment.   Your Nursing Dissertation should be in the aftercited format:   introduction of two company/website; The deduce(s) of choosing these two plights (hither than 100 tone).   Factor 1: (indicate your constituent)   you argument and analysis   Factor 2: (indicate your constituent)   your argument and analysis   .... Conclusion ...........   Reference (if there is any)