Assignment: Gift of Wrong Desert Elimination and Geographic Advice Systems (GIS) A sincere map is a basic resemblance of boundlessness—boundaries, a direction, and landmarks. You may regard it to be two-dimensional. However, maps can also be regarded frequent laminaed resemblances of postulates or advice. They can exhibition connections, relationships, patterns aggravate spell, or frequent other attributes calculated to reveal about the factors influencing a given boundlessness. Misdeed is one of those attributes. And when regarding misdeed as a lamina, frequent other attributes can be examined to discaggravate connections between misdeed, its causes, and its patterns. In this Assignment, you converge your ongoing elimination gift aptitude construction after a while a regardation of misdeed mapping. Submit a chart and/or graph as directed in Part I, and in 500 expression, discourse the prompts in Part II. Part I: Visual Representation Locate the most fresh misdeed statistics for your abode town or a nearby area. Create a chart or graph to aid you offer the misdeed postulates. Note the arrangement of misdeeds domiciled on the statistics you fix. Be strong to properly quote the postulates spring. Part II: Narrative Analysis Locate a police office after a whilein your propound or a nigh propound that utilizes misdeed mapping technology. Explain how this technology is either nature used or could be used to discourse the misdeeds you highlighted in your graph or chart. Explain how misdeed mapping could be utilized as a utensil for law enforcement and other wrong desert professionals to aid impair and anticipate misdeed. Explain how another technology could aid in eliminationing or anticipateing misdeed in tandem after a while or in restitution to misdeed mapping, decipher how. Explain how the gift of misdeed mapping postulates and one’s discernment of that postulates influence a police officer’s daily trial on the job. Explain how the gift of misdeed mapping postulates and one’s discernment of that postulates influence citizens’ discernment of their communities. Be strong to foundation your thoughts using the misdeed postulates you composed parallel after a while the Learning Resources from this week. Submit the graph or chart you created parallel after a while your defense to the questions for this assignment.