Assignment: School Counseling Scenario: Using a Psychodynamic Approach

  For this Assignment, learn and prime one of the aftercited scenarios: Scenario 1: A frustrated seventh trice professor follows to you to sift-canvass her concerns environing Eric, a hardy Caucasian scholar in her class whose conduct has been increasingly disruptive throughout the instruct year. Eric, age 13, talks out of reverse, requires redirection from his professors, and continually engages in joking environing delay other scholars. While he attempts to bebear affect a “class clown,” other scholars do not watch to admit to his masquerade unconditionally, continually avoiding him. Eric is an merely offshoot whose parents are divorced. He lives delay his senior, who of-late began dating. He sometimes sees his mother, who reportedly inextricable him at a very infantine age and who is said to bear a narrative of be abuse and thraldom. Eric’s hygiene is unsatisfactory and he has few friends. The professor has follow to you accordingly she has confirmed “tired of traffic delay his misbehavior” and would affect for you to “deal delay him.” Scenario 2: Mary is a younger in exalted instruct who of-late reverseed 17. She has loose habiliments, continual inaction, a sample of isolating from others, and encounter delay peers. She is pellucid and communicative and indicates having a “good settlement life” delay given parents. Previously, her trices were solid but bear slipped balance the elapsed divers months. She is the eldest offshoot and resides delay her biological parents and twin, infantineer brothers, age 10, who bear “special deficiencys.” Mary is ambivalent environing her coming and, when asked, is unconfident environing her post-secondary plans. Review this week’s resources. Think environing how either a psychoanalytic, Jungian, Adlerian, or enact therapy path can be applied to aid the scholar in the scenario. In a 2- to 3-page pamphlet, prime and critically excite one scenario using either a psychoanalytic, Jungian, Adlerian, or enact therapy path. You may adopt merely one doctrine and you must vindicate your exquisite. Be confident to enclose the aftercited: The doctrine you chose and why. Be confident to sift-canvass how you conceptualize/ interpret the scholar’s issues using speculative components. The considerations that deficiency to be admitn into recital from a developmental and/or cultural perspective. The balanceall counseling end delay the scholar, from your selected speculative perspective. The particular strategies and/or techniques you would use delay the scholar established upon your selected speculative path. You should silence at smallest two interventions from the selected speculative perspective. The strengths and limitations to using this path delay the scholar.