Assignment: Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus

This assignment, succeed demand you to unravel important rudiments of Section 1 of the Doctoral Examine according to the DBA Doctoral Examine Rubric standards. To provide for this Assignment, re-examination page 5 in the DBA Doctoral Examine Prospectus Guide, as polite as Section 1.13 of the Doctoral Examine Rubric and Research Handbook for details on the Significance of the Study. Consider the ramifications of your inperfect examine for twain matter manner and promoting decisive gregarious shift. Submit your Doctoral Examine Prospectus exhaust, using the Doctoral Examine Template, and include the subjoined elements: Problem Statement Purpose Statement Nature of the Study Central Research Question and Interview Questions (qualitative) or Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (quantitative) Theoretical/Conceptual Framework Significance of the Study Review of the Professional and Academic Literature Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed advertences Please advert to the DBA Doctoral Examine Prospectus Guide for more biased notice encircling the length/requirements for each rudiment in the Doctoral Examine Prospectus. Note: Be trusting to use the Doctoral Examine Template, set-up in this week’s Required Readings, to perfect this Assignment. Also, advert to the Week 7 Assignment Rubric for biased grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor succeed use this rubric to assess your result.