Make assured to tally to twain questions collectively, using unfair details and inconsiderable quotes from the citation to livelihood your answers. In near, semblance me that you discover and care critically encircling the assigned name. Each of your answers should be encircling 1/4 a page, double-spaced. Ultimately, you should be submitting a half page of double-spaced citation for this assignment. 1) According to Bottum and Anderson, how are scientists and politicians interconnected? Also, why is this essential, abandoned the name's standpoint? 2) Consider the assertion Bottum and Anderson constitute in section 24: "Think of it this way: The announce of visitation produces the disposal that the collective and economic underpinnings of Western humanization must be discarded. Governments must capture administer of economies. Capitalism must yield way. All decisions must be made by our philosophical and collective upper ten, for solely they can prevent us from doom" (par. 24). Evaluate this discussion using at lowest one unfair criteria. Ultimately, do you meet this to be a cheerful discussion or not?