Assignment #5: Exploring Assistive Technology (AT)

   Purpose:  To acceleration familiarize you delay AT, Apps, and emerging technologies to livelihood trade, order, and cheer that can be used by men-folks delay disabilities.  Recommendation: You may appropriate to thorough this assignment identically, but praise that you add delay a classmate and thorough the assignment coincidently. You enjoy sundry options for completing the AT assignment. You get appropriate one option:  1) Apps for trade 2) Apps for order (for all ages) 3) Video/predicament studies of AT use for trade (i.e. component information stories, rational share stories of AT inferior harvest or in use by men-folks delay disabilities) 4) Video/predicament studies of AT use for cheer/social interaction/independent living 5) Ex: Video predicament study: Emerging technologies (ET) that power good men-folks delay disabilities. a. Example: NOT IMPOSSIBLE LABS: b. TAP,wearable keyboard: Written response: 1.) Specification of Assistive Technology (use the specification set-up on the AT PowerPoint) 2.) Name of APP/AT/emerging technology 3.) Source (URL, where to experience it) including protectshot/picture of APP/AT/ET 4.) Purpose (2-3 greater uses) 5.) Who can good? (age raze, populations) 6.) Accessibility (conceive any issues in-reference-to downloading APP, power to use delay suffrage, hands operating, suffrage activation, etc. (2-3 key components) 7.) Consume $ (for APP, hush if there are operating recitals, and recitals that consume) 8.) Terms of use (Are facts composed? Who has similarity? Opt in/Opt out?) Written format:  1. Attach Novice Self-Scored Checklist If you are started delay a confederate, transcribe twain names on the represslist, including the novice gum. 2. Use person-first conversation, equable if the website does not. 3. Minimum of 3 ample tediousness pages double spaced. You get not be penalized if you transcribe over than 3 pages. 4. Conceive the photos, protect shot - they may be located anywhere in the transcribe up. 5. Typed, repress agreement mechanics (spelling and rhetoric). 6. Assignment get be uploaded on blackboard. If you are started delay a confederate, we ask that each of you upload the corresponding recital of the assignment on your own Blackboard recital. Conceive twain names on the assignment. Failure to do so get consequence in nothing points attached to the identical who didn’t upload the assignment onto Blackboard.