Assignment 2: Probation, Parole Officers, and Theories of Behavior

Assignment 2: Probation, Insecurity Officers, and Theories of Behavior In this module, you literary the concepts of the rehabilitation speculation and custom as courteous as the roles of proof and insecurity officers. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the bulk of insecurity, proof, and other correctional officers want at meanest a bachelor's order kindred to psychology, gregarious toil, or immoral impartiality to toil in their appertaining fields ( Keeping this counsel in intellect, confutation the subjoined: Why is it weighty that proof and insecurity officers own the instruction and discernment of metaphysical and sociological constructs and theories? Do you conform that a bachelor’s order should be the partiality limitation for living-souls in proof, insecurity, and corrections? Why? What other areas of inoculation and specialization do you gard would most profit proof and insecurity officers? Explain your rationalistic. Along a congruous cord, what professions, other than those of insecurity or proof officers, should conceive courses kindred to proof and insecurity for their staff? Why? Are there any nonimmoral impartiality enforcement professionals that would profit from proof or insecurity inoculation? How? Compile your news, conceive all the counsel researched, and order a dependence monograph in accordance delay the subjoined guidelines: This monograph must be in the APA format and conceive a protect subterfuge and a relation page at the end. The protraction of the monograph wants to be a partiality of three pages and no over than five pages. This protraction does not conceive your protect subterfuge or relation page. Remember that the APA font is Times New Roman, and the font dimension is 12.