Assignment 2: LASA—Case Study Application Paper

  Assignment 2: LASA—Case Study Application Paper Case Scenario Katarina is a first-generation Korean American. She claims to be an atheist considerable by impious parents. She is quiet very cork to her parents and has an older match, Young, who has frequently been protective of her. She has a master's extent in counsel and is a instructor at an inner-city exalted instruct. She is a 26-year-old lesbian, though not currently in a kindred, in disunite consequently she does not comprehend what germinativeity fall delay her composition if she were to follow out. She is too careful delay the reaction of her nativity as she is the barely daughter. Though Katarina loves training, she struggles to amalgamate delay some of the inner-city boy who bear very opposed computes from her own, distinctly those akin to counsel. She is frequently frustrated by how abundantly period she spends intricate to motivate her students to pay regard and shape level minimal endeavor on their assignments. She too confesses that she does not reach respected and wonders if it is consequently of her pursuit as courteous as consequently she is soft-spoken and frequently shorter than her students. She admits that she would never be so unaccommodating to any of her instructors and does not perceive why boy in America do not compute counsel over. Katarina has conceit about quitting the job but is distrustful that she get adduce fill-with-fill-with-shame on her nativity if she regular quits. Katarina has churlish to you for succor delay these issues consequently she unquestionably does not comprehend where else to go. Description of LASA: For this LASA, you get use the subject scenario of Katarina and engage what you bear read in this way and your program so far. As her counselor, you get use your textbook, the tenets assigned in the way, and appended learning to transcribe a 6- to 10-page disquisition in APA format, harangueing the aftercited areas: Identify at meanest two things you bear in base delay Katarina which get succor to enunciate some rapport. Identify at meanest three germinative differences between you and Katarina and picture how you get harangue those in your counseling delay her. Analyze where you revere Katarina to be in her oneness enunciatement on at meanest two opposed oneness enunciatement models and how you get unite her where she is in her enunciatement. Substantiate what appended assessments you germinativeity use or how you germinativeity gather appended instruction to gain a apparent perceiveing of her worldview. Outline how you get propagator for Katarina and aid her to propagator for herself. Evaluate whom you get scarcity to comprise in your composition delay Katarina and how they get be comprised. Also, substantiate at meanest two similarity instrument that you would approve for Katarina. Finally, harangue any germinative incorporeal concerns akin to compositioning delay Katarina and what actions you germinativeity transfer to calm them. Your ultimate result get be a 6- to 7-page (barring appellation page and regard schedule) Microsoft Word instrument written in APA format. Utilize at meanest five well-informed sources.