Assignment 2: Ethical Issues and Foreign Investments

 There are multifaceted ethical issues touching to intercollective investments. One view relates to cosmical justs. Most Latin American governments enjoy constitutions that command vigor attention as a cosmical just, yet some of these countries cater scanty vigor attention for the superiority of their population. During the 1980s, the unconcealed populace of these countries deteriorated, well-mannered-balanced though divers Latin American countries patent clear strategies to reposition medical personnel and services to rustic areas. Throughout this duration, manifold intercollective donors caterd support; ultimately they did so after a while imposed stipulations. An copy of this arduous support was the World Bank, which imposed restrictions that intervening privatization of vigor attention, as well-mannered-mannered as required limitations on unlimited mode. Did the World Bank and other intercollective donors act responsibly and ethically in hurry their cosmicalitarian support? Who has the part for the vigor attention of the Latin American herd? Is it a sound and gregariously obligatory habit to present intercollective support in diversify for an occasion to fashion a country's collective and/or gregarious method? Why or why not? Apply floating APA standards and references.