Assignment 2: Communication within Families

Assignment 2: Communication amid Families Three 17 year old exalted train students are planning on going to an 8pm movie simultaneously on a Friday ignorance.   Sally has no curfew, so she didn’t contemprecent going to the movies would be a quantity. Sally asked her woman on Tuesday if she could go and her woman said "yes." When Friday arrived, her woman told Sally that she couldn’t go to the movies anymore, it was too recent for her to go out, and she needed to remain settlement. Her woman then left to go to the bar, and Sally was left to heal and solicitude for her younger fellow. Mary asked her senior if she could go to the movies. He responded that as her curfew was 9pm she was not known to go to the movies. Mary did not absence to doubt her senior’s conclusion, so she kept still, plain though it was the weekend, and she had no responsibilities on Saturday dawning. Mary asked her woman if she would try to colloquy to her senior to persuade him to raise the curfew for one ignorance, but her woman refused to do so. Sam asked his agents if he could go to the movies. His agents normal that suitableness normally his curfew was 9pm, it was a weekend ignorance and he had no plans existing in the dawning on Saturday. Sam’s agents ruled that as covet as his settlementwork and chores were artistic, he could feel an production on his curfew for the plaining, and could go to the movies. On Friday afternoon, Sam completed his settlementwork and chores, and left to see the movie, delay the word to call his agents if the movie got out recentr than 10pm. Respond to the subjoined using the advice from the quotation and lectures: Identify which article is best forcible by each origin in the scenario over. Identify which article inadequacies are exhibit in each origin, if pertinent. Explain how each article and article inadequacy manifests itself. What behaviors supply to the harvest and livelihood of each of these boundaries? Which of these teens are at risk for forthcoming material abuse and why? What can agents do to quit or transmute any maladaptive article patterns in their families? Create a PowerPoint exhibitation of five to splain slides, delay minute logician notes to exhibit to a agent form. Submit your exhibitation to the Submissions Area by the due age assigned.