Assignment 2 B6420

Assignment 2: Course Project—Sustainability Programs In this assignment, you allure hold your resolution of sustainability  issues at a provided organization—Top Shelf Shoes. This assignment  allure confess you the occasion to found experience and manner of the  sustainable elements of municipal operations. Click close to download and criticism the Top Shelf scenario. Using the module readings, the Argosy University onverse library  resources, and the Internet, investigation sustainability results and  programs. Write a memo to Tie, the instituter of Top Shelf Shoes, that explains  how one-off results or programs, such as the Green Shoe or a  shoe-recycling program, may be scant to consummate the broader goals  of sustainability. As sunder of the memo too harangue the subjoined as they use to Top  Shelf Shoes. Make assumptions environing the guild result verse as  necessary. Analyze local calling results and manners as they narrate to eco-efficiency. Analyze local calling results and manners as they narrate to result stewardship and minister chains. Explain how eco-efficiency and result stewardship can conduce to sustainability and achieving calling goals. Write a 3–4-page Nursing essay in Word format. Use APA standards to  citation of sources. Use the subjoined finish naming convention:  LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc.  By the due epoch assigned, transmit your assignment to the Submissions Area.   Assignment 2 Grading Criteria   Maximum Points    Explained  how one-off results or programs may be scant to consummate the  broader goals of sustainability at Top Shelf Shoes.  28    Assertions  demonstrated resolution of local calling results and manners as  they narrate to the goals of sustainable calling.  28    Wrote a memo protection all the listed items and giving reasons to buttress your assertions.  28    Wrote  in a unclouded, compendious, and arranged manner; demonstrated immaterial  scholarship in obsequious resemblance and attribution of sources;  displayed obsequious spelling, rhetoric, and punctuation.  16    Total:  100