Assignment 1

Identify three to five (3-5) Take-Aways from the assigned discoverings/videos (not the TED talks or assignments. The Take-Aways should Specifically authenticate a straightforward note/issue in the discovering Discuss what you ground interesting, opposing, new, appropriate, notable as you discover Connect to other succession full or other items you accept skilled in other successions.  Be close and favoring to this succession and what you’re learning Identify the maker, the page enumerate and the straightforward note (if you are quoting). For stance (and you may use this format until you get satisfied delay your own utterance): As I discover hook’s citation the forthcoming note seemed distinctly appropriate to me, “We must courageously canvass the clear who aggressively see to negative the disadvantaged a casualty to modify their lot” (p. 99). How is it that we are tranquil having this confabulation about who gets what and why in 2018? This was written in 2000, and in my own naïveté, I accept constantly conjectured that community generally failure to acceleration others.  I imagine this connects straightforwardly to Baldwin’s “A Talk to Teachers” and it seems that the similar community are talking about the similar issues and ideas.