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   Evidence for Nursing  Assessment Item 3: Using token to notify clinical decision-making   Weight: 50% of aggregate mark Word limit: 1500  Intent In this tribute, you appearance that you can get an token-fixed quittance to an dubious clinical standing. It requires you to inquiry for applicable investigation, perceive flattens of token, infer the peculiarity of token, bestow the compendium of each condition, render their findings, and thrust a quittance fixed on your reviewed token.  Task: You entertain been getd after a timeliness three clinical scenarios. Each scenario indicates an area of clinical dubiousty. Select a scenario that interests you and using your tokend fixed custom skills retort the inquiry that follows.  Scenario 1: In the manner of your clinical placement in a surgical watch, you notable inconsistency in annoy trouble. Timeliness some nurses use a barren technique, others inure a cleanlylyly surroundings fluctuate technique.  Is cleanlylyly annoy surroundings a secured non-interference for surroundings of surgical annoys? Scenario 2: You are afloat on a hospital watch where you attack clap unrepinings. You note that some doctors prescribe compression stockings for stoppage of learned venous thrombosis timeliness others not. Should antithrombotic stockings be routinely used for unrepinings after a timeliness clap or not?  Scenario 3: You are afloat as an RN in an difficulty portion. A 10-year-old offshoot has been admitted to the portion after a timeliness a diagnosis of exacerbation of asthma inferior to bronchitis. The unrepining has been prescribed salbutamol.  What is the further powerful way of delivery- a nebuliser or a spacer? Format Written Nursing Dissertation after a timeliness well-structured paragraphs. Headings can be used if they succor constituency your is-sue. Introduction (500 signification) Briefly draw the manner you used to retort the inquiry. i.e. how you formulated a inquiryable inquiry and plain a inquiry manoeuvre. Justify the bearing you took in accessing the token. Draw the rationale following the election of each Nursing Dissertation (hint: flatten of the token, peculiarity of the token, relationship). Both vital and/or ascititious conditions can be used, as mismisappropriate to the clinical scenario and inquiry you entertain plain. It is not needful to bestow all the token you institute (and you entertain scant term sum to do this). The key invention is peculiarity not muchness – so filthy or five investigation-fixed conditions are meliorate than a catholic sum of low-flatten Nursing Dissertations. Get the sculpture screens of the abstracts of the Nursing Dissertations you entertain selected.   Main organization of the Nursing Dissertation (800 signification) Briefly bestow each Nursing Dissertation and their main findings. What does the reinquiry demonstration?  Conclusion (200 signification) This is where you obviously particularize what you apprehend the retort to your inquiry is and why.